The Received Religion of our time…

“Let there be no mistake about it: despite every setback, the received religion of our time is still an amalgam of evolutionism, progressivism, scientism, and psychologism. Unfortunately, the horrors resulting therefrom are dealt with simply by further doses of the same and so the structures of society, and of ‘normalcy,’ are destroyed and consumed in an unending vicious spiral…. That the official religion is as described is proved by what happens if one shows any serious opposition to any of its elements: truly fundamental ‘heresy’ of this kind provokes from the modernists a vituperation and vilification as savage and impassioned as anything that ever stemmed from religious bigotry in ages past. For the majority (who believe staunchly in the received religion) a business-like attack on evolutionism, progressivism, scientism, or psychologism is perceived as an attempt to fundamentally undermine their world, and they react with a corresponding violence and emotion.”
– William Stoddart.

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