Free on the spot Appraisals

PSA: I generally do non-written appraisals for free. If you just need to know whether or not a book is valuable and what the approximate value is, I can usually deliver this information in short order. I’ve been in this business for over 35 years and am probably more qualified to appraise your books than most bonded appraisers. I HAVE TO SEE THE BOOK IN PERSON – this cannot be done over the phone. Sometimes I will make an offer on books I appraise, other times I have recommended putting items to auction with Sotheby’s or elsewhere if it is warranted. People have sold books at auction for thousands of dollars based on my recommendation. In the past I have appraised items for almost exact prices later realized at auction, that were over or under-appraised by Sotheby’s. Make of that what you will. I don’t like paperwork or dealing with lawyers or insurance companies so only on rare occasions will I work up a written appraisal for a fee. All I ask is that you respect my time (don’t bring me a truck full of books when my store is busy expecting me to take half my afternoon to give you free appraisals on everything that you have – yes this has actually happened). This also means I don’t like exchanging a flurry of emails. I dislike authenticating autographs but can give you a professional opinion on what you have and whether it is worth paying to have authenticated. I do this as a courtesy, if you appreciate it, then feel free to show it by shopping in the bookstore and/or spreading the word that the bookstore exists to your literate friends and family members.

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